Caustic soda

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Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is a white opaque solid mass with radiant break.

Caustic soda is hygroscopic, with its connection to the water, a large amount of heat. Aqueous solutions are strongly alkaline.


- In contact with skin and eyes, immediately wash with plenty of saline solution and then with water and seek medical advice;

- With caustic soda spills should be collected shovel and place spillage with plenty of water;

- Combustion air is obtained sodium, sodium oxide, Na2O, and in contact with water hydroxide, NaOH, is converted into caustic soda;

Caustic soda packs in valve bags and transported by rail, road and water transport in packaged form in accordance with the rules of operating in this mode of transport.

Stored in closed warehouses at a distance of not less than one meter from heaters.

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