Mohr's salt

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Synonyms: Salt of the oxide of iron and ammonium sulfate double

Chemical formula: FeSO4 · (NH4) 2SO4 · 6H2O

International name: Mohr's salt

CAS No: 7783-85-9

Appearance: pale blue-green monoclinic crystals

Packing: bags, 1 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Mohr's salt - an inorganic compound, salt, oxide of iron and ammonium sulfate double. Paramagnetic pale blue-green monoclinic crystals. Soluble in water. Solubility of Mohr's salt in water - 21.6 g of anhydrous material per 100 g water. In somewhat more acid solubility. The reagent is stable in air.

Mohr's salt is used in medicine (with a shortage of iron in the body in determining urobilin) in pharmaceutics. Mohr's salt is used in research projects, and chemical laboratories to set the titer of potassium permanganate, with volumetric determination of chromium and vanadium, ethanol and ether. As it is used as a solution, for example, to impregnate the wood, etc. from decay.

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