Alloy ROSE

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Appearance: silver beads

Packing: box 20 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Rose Alloy - an alloy of lead, bismuth, tin, named after the German chemist Valentin Rose older.
Solder composition: 25% Tin / Lead 25% / 50% Bismuth
Rose alloy similar to Wood's alloy, but differs from it in less toxicity, so it does not contain cadmium.

The use of alloy Rose
Rose alloy is used for the semiconductor equipment, electrical fuses, in radio as a solder WWTP 50, solder heat-sensitive components, soldering aluminum, aluminum and copper and its alloys in the wiring, aluminum alloys with each other, for soldering and tinning of copper , nickel, brass, bronze, copper and copper-nickel alloys with silver-plated ceramic solder plated parts for soldering and tinning jewelry and others.

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