Nutrient medium Christensen

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The nutrient medium for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae dry (Citrate Agar Christensen)


Semi-synthetic culture medium for the differentiation of enterobacteria by their ability razlagatmochevinu containing peptone, urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and an indicator -fenolovy red.


Fodder yeast extract for microbiological culture media dry (ECD), sodium chloride, sodium citrate, trisodium, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, glucose, cysteine hydrochloride, sodium carbonate, phenol red, microbiological agar.


The preparation in an amount of 20 g is stirred into 1 liter of distilled water, boiled for 3 min. until complete melting of the agar, filtered through cotton-gauze filter and dispensed in 5.0 ml into sterile vials and sterilized by autoclaving at 112 ° C for 20 min. After sterilization the medium in tubes Mow, leaving a column of about 15-20 mm.