Nutrient medium Thioglycolic

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(Nutrient medium for sterility testing dry)

TU 9398-040-78095326-2008

Reg. DCF number 2008/03235


The nutrient medium intended for sterility testing of pharmaceuticals and medical immunobiological preparations.

Is a homogeneous, hygroscopic powder actinic light yellow


Pancreatic digest of casein cleavage shallow extent, yeast extract, sodium chloride, glucose, sodium thioglycolate, sodium carbonate, cysteine hydrochloride, agar.


31.0 g product is stirred in 1 liter of distilled water, boiled for 2 min (if necessary added to the hot environment of 0.5 g of sodium thioglycolate or thioglycolic acid, 0.3 ml), filtered through a paper filter and dispensed into appropriate sterile container and sterilized by autoclaving at 121 ° C for 15 min.

pH 7,2 ± 0,2