Sulfanilic acid

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Synonyms: Paraaminobenzolsulfokislota, n-аминобензолсульфокислота 4-aminofenolsulfonovaya acid, aniline-4-sulfonic acid

Chemical formula: C6H7NO3S

International name: Sulfanilic acid

CAS No: 121-57-3

Appearance: white to gray crystals

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Sulfanilic acid, the structural formula NH2-C6H4-SO3H. Sulfanilic acid is a white to gray crystals, decomposing at 280-300 ° C, partially soluble in water (1 g per 100 g at 20 ° C). Sulfanilic acid - inner salt, in which the amino group neutralized sulfonic acid moiety, so it does not form salts with inorganic acids, but it can be neutralized sulfonic alkalis.
Sulfanilic acid is obtained from aniline; heating anilinsulfata C6H5NH2 × H2SO4 at 180-200 ° C. The best method of obtaining technical sulfanilic acid is the bisulfate salt of aniline heating for 8 hours at 180 ° C. Sulphanilic acid is also formed by refluxing an aniline with 2 parts by weight of oleum for a few minutes, but it is a strong degradation. Sulfanilic acid is formed together with other compounds to aniline under the action of chlorosulfonic acid ethyl ester. It can also be obtained by heating the aniline acid salt etilsernoy.

Sulfanilic acid is used
• as an analytical reagent
• the synthesis of dyes,
• in the laboratory for the determination and detection of nitrite some metals (osmium, ruthenium, etc.).
• in medicine and pharmacy.
Widely used in medicine found sulfanilic acid amide: H2N-C6H4-SO2NH2, sulfanilamide, called white streptotsidom, and some of its derivatives (sulfacetamide, sulgin, Sulfidine, sulfadimezin, sulfazol) and others.

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