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Talc - Mg3Si4O10 (OH) 2 - mineral crystal. Is a bold touch crumbly white powder (sometimes green) color. Quality talc is determined by its whiteness. For commercial purposes, use talc powder, etc. microtalk. G.

Color from white to light green. Greasy shine on ploskostyahspaynosti pearl. Rayed at the edges. Cleavage is very perfect. Greasy to the touch.

Is a major component of children's powders, in connection with which two names are often used as synonyms. Used in the home to prevent friction contact surfaces (rubber gloves, a shoe between the camera and cycle / motorcycle tires), as well as to prevent sticking during storage of various rubber products. Contrary to popular belief talc is not used in weightlifting, gymnastics and climbing because it reduces friction. To improve the adhesion of the hands in these disciplines athletes ispolzuyutmagneziyu - 4MgCO3 * Mg (OH) 2 * 4H2O.

Used in many Badakhshan and drugs (such as calcium gluconate) as a source of magnesium and silicon.

As a filler used in the rubber, paper, paint, medical (base tablets), perfumes and cosmetics and other industries.

An important area of application - ceramics (especially radioizolyatsionnaya).

The food industry is registered as a food additive E553b.

Found in additives for engine oils for longer life and protect the engine.

In the plastics industry - as nucleator (nucleation additives) allowing crystallization to reduce cycle time and improve the polymer mechanical properties.

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