Potassium tellurite

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Potassium tellurite 2% solution, to inhibit the growth of flora associated with the cultivation of Corynebacterium.

Potassium tellurite was used as suplementa in the preparation of culture media for the isolation diphtheria, cholera and other bacteria. The principle of the method of potassium tellurite solution of potassium tellurite (K2TeO3) has a bactericidal effect on most species of gram-positive bacteria. Resistant to potassium tellurite bacteria form painted black colony expense recovery tellurite anion telluritreduktazoy. The kit potassium tellurite 2% solution of potassium tellurite, sterile, 5 ml - 10 fl. Instructions for use of potassium tellurite - 1 pc. The use of potassium tellurite Preparation of culture media for the isolation diphtheria. To prepare telluritovogo blood agar to 250 ml of melted and cooled to 50 ° C is added a nutrient agar (25-35) ml blood hemolyzed and 5 ml of 2% solution of potassium tellurite. The medium was dispensed into Petri dishes are stored at temperatures (4 - 8) ° C not more than (3 - 4) days. Preparation of 1% alkaline peptonnnoy water with potassium tellurite to isolate cholera. Pre-prepared working solution with a concentration of potassium tellurite 0.1%. For this purpose, the contents of the vial (5 mL) with 2% potassium tellurite solution is dissolved in 95 ml of sterile distilled water. The working solution is stored no longer than 7 days. To prepare the medium to 100 mL of sterile 1% alkaline peptone water was added 1 ml of the working solution of potassium tellurite.

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