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Triethanolamine (HO-CH2CH2) 3N - a colorless liquid, miscible with water in all respects, a weak base.

Acid gas absorbent, a rust inhibitor, part of the rubber softener, coolants.

Triethanolamine is the starting material in the synthesis trietanolamintrinitrata, nitrogen mustard.


- In the cement industry as a binder between the various synthetic and natural components of the cement, but other than that the moderator / solidification process accelerator .;

- Pure TEA is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, and technical in detergents and disinfectants as a pH regulator in creams and gels, as well as soft ground and in the composition of emulsifiers;

- As an absorbent "acid" gases (H2S, CO2, SO2, etc.) in the process of purification of process gases at oil refineries, gas-producing and chemical industries;

- The manufacture of corrosion inhibitors;

- The production of coolant

Triethanolamine is also part of adhesives and rubber goods.

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