Trisodium phosphate

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Synonyms: trisodium phosphate, trisodiumfosfat

The chemical formula: Na3PO4 * 12H2O

International name: Trisodium Phosphate

CAS No: 7601-54-9

Appearance: white crystals

Packing: bags of 25 kg

Storage: Store in a dry, well-ventilated area

Trisodium phosphate - sodium salt, white crystals capable cake, hygroscopic. Melts without decomposition, thermally stable. It is soluble in water, is hydrolyzed by an anion in the solution creates a strongly alkaline medium.

Trisodium phosphate (trisodium phosphate) used in power generation, pulp and paper industry, in the production of CMC, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, food industry (for technical purposes) and other sectors of the economy.

Trisodium phosphate crystal is used as a component in the manufacture of cutting fluids (Emulsol) for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in order to facilitate the deformation of the metal, improve the quality of the treated surface, cooling parts and tools, education on the surface of parts and machines film that protects the metal from corrosion .

Trisodium phosphate is included in the crystalline structure of the alkali solution for ultrasonic machining, in the case of increased requirements for their purity.

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