Sodium tripolyphosphate

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Tripolyphosphate available as a white powder and has low hygroscopicity.

Technical sodium tripolyphosphate is used for the production of detergents, water treatment is used as an energy source for heating, washing of various fabrics in the home and laundry plant, prevents re-deposition of dirt on the fabric. The powder is suitable for washing glasses and baths. It is used in the tanning industry and textile industry. In the processes associated with electrolysis is used to soften water, preventing precipitation.

In the food industry, sodium tripolyphosphate used as a stabilizer, and E has an index of 451. The main purpose of binding the moisture content of the sodium tripolyphosphate in proteins. Application of the powder increases and as a consequence the pH of the reaction in alkaline protein-containing foods (meat, fish), the binding process occurs stabilized water in the products. Sodium tripolyphosphate has the ability to cleave the myosin and actin, which is the main reason for its use in the food industry.

Special requirements for sodium tripolyphosphate is not presented, as the powder is not toxic and does not present a fire hazard.

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