Granulated zinc

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Granulated zinc - a plastic silver-white metal, brittle at room temperature. Outdoor darkens with age, since the granules are covered with a thin film of zinc oxide. At a temperature of 100-150 pellets are plastic and easily rolled into sheets of small thickness.


The main application of the reagent - the protection of steel from corrosion and to reduce cracking. Zinc is used as a reducing agent with chemical and technological processes such as the production of hydrogen sulfite, deposition of gold from the cyanide solutions, as well as in the production of copper and cadmium in the process of cleaning solution of zinc sulphate, a primer before applying the paint. Alloys of zinc with other metals commonly used in the art. Together with precious metals this reagent can create intermetallic compounds that do not dissolve in liquid lead. Zinc is used as the negative electrode in the most common source of electrical current.

Metal is present in the tissues of living organisms. Plants receive the desired dose of zinc from soil and water, and the animals - from food.

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