Zinc chloride

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Synonyms: zinc dichloride, zinc chloride

Chemical Formula: ZnCl2
International name: ZINC CHLORIDE
CAS No: 7646-85-7
Appearance: white crystals
Packing: bags of 25 kg
Storage: Store in ventilated and dry area

Zinc chloride (ZnCl2), zinc dichloride, zinc chloride - colorless, hygroscopic, crystalline substance soluble in ether, ethanol, glycerol, acetone. Concentrated aqueous solutions of zinc chloride dissolved starch, cellulose and silk. Zinc chloride - the Lewis acid of moderate strength.

Industrially prepared zinc chloride affecting hydrochloric acid at calcined ore, or a secondary zinc containing raw materials. Anhydrous zinc chloride was synthesized by the flow of gaseous chlorine granulated zinc at 420 ° C.

Zinc chloride (zinc chloride) are used
• as a drying agent;
• for fire protection (fire-resistant foam, cardboard and tissue infiltration);
• for antiseptic impregnation of wood sleepers;
• in the production of fibers;
• the preparation of vanillin and zinc cyanide;
• in the production of dyes and dyeing cotton;
• When cleaning the oil;
• in the production of aluminum;
• during soldering and galvanizing in preparation for chroming metal articles, as a flux for brazing metals before purification;
• in galvanic batteries, as a component of an electrolyte for electroplating;
• as an antiseptic for wood;
• as a mordant in dyeing fabrics;
• in organic synthesis by alkylation, acylation, Friedel-Crafts catalyst (the Lewis acid)
and for other purposes.

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