Carbon tetrachloride

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Carbon tetrachloride (CTC) - a colorless liquid evaporates easily with a sweet odor similar to chloroform. Poorly soluble in water (0.5 g / l) indefinitely miscible with alcohol, ether, acetone, benzene.
Carbon tetrachloride - artificial origin product in nature is not formed in a natural way.

Preparation of carbon tetrachloride:

Industrially produced carbon tetrachloride by chlorination, for example, methane, chloromethane or by heating a mixture of chlorine and second material to a temperature of 400-500 ° C. At this temperature, is a series of chemical reactions, gradually transforming methane or methyl chloride in connection with a high content of chlorine. The process results in a mixture consisting of methyl chloride, dichloromethane, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride. Separation of substances carried by distillation.

Applications carbon tetrachloride:

- In the past, carbon tetrachloride produced worldwide in large quantities mainly for use in the subsequent manufacture of chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants.

- Carbon tetrachloride are widely used in industry as a solvent for fats, resins and rubber.

- Carbon tetrachloride is used as a preservative in the processing of fur, used in dry cleaning.

- Carbon tetrachloride is used as extracting oil from water and soil in analysis on the oil content in the environmental objects by IR spectroscopy and IR photometry, as well as other analytical studies in industrial processes chemical, engineering, medical, utilities industries.

- Carbon tetrachloride is widely used in various industries as non-flammable and non-flammable solvent.

- Carbon tetrachloride is a member for filling liquids extinguishers. Heavy carbon tetrachloride vapors burning objects break contact with atmospheric oxygen, leading to termination of the burning process. For the protection of electrical installations, storage of flammable liquids and various chemicals, as well as internal combustion engines, automatic installation is used with carbon tetrachloride. However, at high temperature, the decomposition of carbon tetrachloride and phosgene may form other toxic substances causing poisoning.

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