Tartaric acid

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Tartaric acid, the price of which can fluctuate significantly in the market, depending on the manufacturer and production method, we have implemented a truly favorable conditions. It is a white hygroscopic powder, or translucent, colorless crystals. Taste sour. Tartaric acid is soluble in water.

Actively used in the food industry as acidity regulator (food additive E334), antioxidant. Used in the manufacture of various jellies, jams, preserves and confectionery.

Also tartaric acid is added to drinks, table water, and very actively used in winemaking.

The pharmaceutical industry also makes extensive use of this product. It is added to water-soluble drugs, effervescent tablets and other formulations. Some creams, lotions for the face and body (in cosmetology) may also include in its membership tartaric acid. It has moisturizing, exfoliating and whitening effect. Increases the elasticity of the skin and promotes the production of collagen in it. Tartaric acid is recognized in cosmetology most effective antioxidant and bio-stimulator.

In analytical chemistry, it is used for detection of sugars and aldehydes.

In the textile industry - for dyeing fabrics.

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